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Something to hate on...

I just joined this community (Hi everyone! Been lurking for a while) to post something I just found, I'm not very savvy on the livejournal thing, I don't know if there's a search function, so if this has been posted before, I'll go hide in the corner.

Well, just go see for yourselves... sometimes it's so ridiculous I can't but believe it's fake. It's purpose is supposedly to "promote feminine beauty". As opposed to the "masuline" and "eunuchoid" looks of high-fashion models. Basically some guy with mommy issues created a site (with blog!) to tell everyone that big boobs are best (and everyone who thinks otherwise must be gay). To prove his point he has done some extensive internet research mostly on NSFW pages (I love the way he generously censored the nude pics leaving very much to the imagination).
Have fun!
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